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Fashion For Tall Men: What To Wear In 2024 [Style Guide]

Two tall slim men standing in the street and wearing extra long tall graphic t-shirts.

Check out Just Tall’s short and sweet d̶o̶o̶r̶ f̶r̶a̶m̶e̶ s̶a̶f̶e̶t̶y̶ fashion guide for tall men in 2024. At Just Tall, we know first-hand that the world of fashion can be challenging for average-height guys, but it can be a real pain in the neck for lanky taller men! Our fashion advice in this guide gives you the best styles, cuts, and trends that will enhance your tall frame. Time to fit in, not stand out, and look good all-year round.


Fashion Challenges For Tall Men

From finding that perfect fit for your body to avoiding clothes that can actually make you look even taller, being tall comes with its unique fashion challenges. Understanding these challenges is the first step in mastering your wardrobe and your daily outfits.


3 Common Fashion Challenges For Tall Men:


  • Body, Sleeve and Pants Length: Finding clothing like extra-long tall t-shirts or jeans that fit without being too short or baggy.
  • Proportions: Making sure that clothes fit well and don’t make you appear disproportionate.
  • Patterns and Colours: Choosing patterns and colours that honour your height rather than exaggerate it.
A tall athletic guy wearing a white XL tall long sleeve t-shirt on a bridge.


5 Fashion Tips for Tall Men in 2024


1. Tailoring

Think of tailoring as your best friend when it comes to clothing, particularly when looking for a suit. Clothes that fit well will make a world of difference on your tall frame. Tailored clothes can create a polished look. All our tall tops are tailored specifically for tall guys above 6'2" with a skinny, slim, athletic or average build. You'll try one on and you'll think what on earth have I been missing out on all these years.


2. No Vertical Stripes

T-shirts with vertical stripes can make you look taller, which will leave you looking disproportionate. Ditch that zebra print tee in the unlikely event you have one. That only looks good on short guys. And zebras.

So keep it simple, and opt for an extra long tall plain t shirt instead. 

A tall slim guy wearing a black XL tall plain t-shirt.

3. Use Layers

Dressing with layers can add depth to your outfit. Nail it with one of our crisp collar polos under an extra long sleeve tall t-shirt. To avoid looking too bulky use thin layers, which can be paired with jackets and overshirts to create a stylish layered look.


4. Choose the Right Trouser Fit

Slim or straight-cut trousers will work best with a tall frame. Make sure you avoid overly baggy or skinny fits, as they can either make you look disproportionate or overly elongated. Elongated like cranes (both the birds and the building site things). 


5. Bulky Footwear

Got wookie-like feet? No problem. Go for chunkier shoes such as Caterpillars, Vans or a chunky trainer. They won't only provide extra comfort for your big feet, but also balance out your height.


What’s Trending In 2024 For Tall Men


1. Statement Jackets

Statement jackets like leather jackets or bomber jackets are in fashion this year. Look for longer lengths that complement your height. A smart long jacket can also complement an extra long tall polo shirt, giving you a nice smart fit. We'll eventually stock extra long jackets. Hang in there tall guys. 

A tall slim guy wearing a navy XL tall polo shirt.

2. Textured Fabrics

Try to work textured fabrics like pique, cord, wool, or tweed into your outfit. These fabrics can give your look a different dynamic and can break up your tall silhouette nicely.


3. Monochrome Outfits

A monochrome outfit will create a sleek look ensuring that you don’t look all out of whack. So experiment with different shades and tones of the same colour. A good colour combination would be an extra long tall petrol blue t-shirt paired with a lighter blue pair of jeans. Like the guy on the right in the pic below.

Two tall slim men wearing tall plain t-shirts in green and petrol.

4. Prints and Patterns

Don't be scared to incorporate prints or patterns into your outfits. Use small or medium-sized prints or patterns that won’t overwhelm your frame. Stay away from all-over or full body prints that will just make you stick out. Keep it simple with a minimal extra long tall graphic t-shirt.

Two tall skinny guys wearing tall graphic t-shirts.

Seasonal Fashion Tips For Tall Men


Spring & Summer

  • Lightweight Fabrics: Choose breathable materials like linen and cotton. Just Tall t-shirts are made with 100% organic cotton, meaning they’re perfect for those warmer months.
  • Shorts: Avoid overly short or long baggy shorts as these can create disproportion. Knee-length shorts are the ideal fit for tall men. We'll be stocking shorts by March 2025.
  • Light Colours: Embrace light and bright colours to reflect the season. Think greens, beiges, and blues.


Autumn & Winter

  • Layer up: Use sweatshirts, jumpers, cardigans and coats for warmth and style throughout the colder months.
  • Dark Colours: Embrace darker rich colours like navy, cabernet and military green.
  • Accessories: Scarves, hats, and gloves will add style to your outfit whilst keeping you warm.



Creating an outfit as a tall man is all about balance, proportion, and confidence. If you follow the tips we have laid out in this guide, you can create a wardrobe that not only fits well on your tall frame but also makes you feel great. You can start today, by adding an extra long tall t-shirt, extra long tall polo shirt, or extra long tall henley shirt to your wardrobe!

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