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Frequently Asked Questions


Two main reasons:

1. Our founder Ben is himself 6'5" and always suffers finding good fitting clothes on the high street. Not just suffers, but always goes home empty handed! So we wanted to launch a brand that fixes both his struggle and all other tall men's struggles everywhere.

2. There are plenty of big and tall stores. But there are still not enough specialist tall stores catering for tall slim and athletic men. And even less with sustainable options. So we wanted to give tall guys above 6'2 everywhere another option in great fitting and sustainable clothing without breaking the bank.

Here's a few reasons:

We're a specialist tall store whose founder is tall (6'5" himself) and understands the suffering all tall guys go through when shopping for clothes.

When we say tall sizes we mean tall sizes, (up to 3" longer tops and up to 6" longer bottoms).

We're NOT a generic store with a 'tall section' offering clothes that are sometimes still too short.

Ethically and sustainably made clothing at an affordable price, including organic fabrics and recycled packaging.

Super simple fit guide with illustrations, height and weight recommendations. Hopefully you'll never have to return anything!

Super fast customer support - help is only a whatsapp message away!

Free worldwide shipping to many destinations.

No hassle free UK and USA returns with free return shipping.

We're based in the UK and we have a second warehouse in the USA for tall guys across the pond.

No, we're an e-commerce store. Feel free to WhatsApp us on +44 7391107474 with any questions before you buy and we'll give you as close to an in-store experience as possible!

Yes we do! Please contact us on for further info.

Not yet. We plan to launch a program by Autumn 2022. Contact us on and let us know why you think you'd be a good fit with us.


We only just launched in February 2022 and we're perfectionists. We want to perfect our first product in fabric and fit before expanding the range. But we hope to release more styles by Summer 2022!

Quite a few reasons:

1. Quality. You're simply getting a good garment that's made to last, not throwaway fashion that ends up in the trash after a few washes.

2. Our tops are up to 3" longer. Greater length = more fabric = higher cost.

3. Our fabrics are organic/recycled, which cost 20-30% more than non organic fabrics.

4. We order limited quantities focusing on quality and sustainability. Lower quantities = higher unit costs at the factory.

We're a slow fashion brand focusing on quality and we only order based on market need, ensuring we actually sell everything we order.

Fast fashion brands usually over order by a wide margin to get bigger factory discounts, putting stress on the supply chain. In some cases unsold clothing even ends up at landfills causing great harm to the environment!

Our first drop of extra long organic tshirts were made at an ethical and sustainable family factory in India.

Of course! We regularly inspect our factories too. The conditions at our current factory in India include:

8 hour working days.
Basic salary 30% above national minimum wage.
Paid overtime.
Career progression ladder.

Our single jersey cotton is soft, breathable and very durable.

Organic cotton specifically is much more environmentally friendly. It uses up to 90% less water than normal cotton. Organic cotton also isn't grown using pesticides (which harms the soil).

Standard polyester is not a sustainable fabric. It also suffers from piling (little balls on the fabric) after repeated washing.

We are looking into recycled polyester in the future.

Yes it is. You should expect only 0-2% shrinkage if you follow the care guidelines.

Machine wash in cold water.
Use fabric softener.
Don't EVER tumble dry. (The heat can cause some shrinkage).
Iron inside out on low heat.
Don't bleach.
Hang to dry from the waist. (This helps the garment keep it's shape).


We have kept our sizing super simple with a system based on 5 'just tall' body types. We also give height and weight recommendations for each size.

Check out out fit page here to find your size.

Drop us a WhatsApp message on +44 7391 107474 if you need any more help and we'll be in touch within a few hours.

Our tall sizes are the same as extra tall sizes at other brands. So if you're above 6'2, our tall sizes will definitely be long enough. That's because we are a tall store catering for tall guys between 6'2" and 7'2. Anyone below 6'2" is 'short' by our standards and might find our clothing too long!

We've kept our tops and t-shirts sizing simple with just one fit : a tall modern fit that is longer, not wider. Our modern fit is between a regular fit and a slim fit. It's slightly tapered at the waist (but not as tapered as a slim fit) while still having higher armholes like a slim fit, and longer sleeves like a regular fit.

When we launch bottoms (jeans / joggers etc), we hope to have two fits: regular fit and slim fit.

We don't have 3XL and 4XL because that's going into the realm of 'big and tall'. We're Just Tall, and our biggest size 2XL covers guys up to 275lb / 125kg.

Sure! We'll exchange and send free of charge. You are only responsible for paying return shipping costs (except UK and USA customers - we'll send you a prepaid shipping label). Please contact us on to start the returns process.

local_shippingShipping & Duty

We have standard and express options to 80 worldwide destinations, with free shipping above a $ amount depending on destination.

Check our shipping policy here for more info.

Shipments to the UK , USA and all 28 EU countries include tax and duties! So no customs delays or suprise costs.

All other destinations might be subject to tax and duties which we have no control over. Please contact your local tax authority for more info.

Unfortunately we can't amend orders at the moment.

The check page will display the shipping options and the expected delivery deadline.

Please allow a few more delays past the delivery deadlines specified on the order page. If you still haven't received it after this time, please contact us on and we'll get back to you in a few hours.

You're unlucky if you get a defective item as we have strict quality control in place. But if you do (we're not perfect all the time), please contact us on attaching some pictures of the defect.
We'll arrange a replacement free of charge.


We have a 100% free 30 day returns policy with free UK return shipping!

Check out our returns page for more info.

We have a 100% free 30 day returns policy with free USA return shipping!

Check out our returns page for more info.

We have a 30 day returns policy. You are responsible for returns shipping.

Check out our returns page for more info.


Didn't find your answer?

Whatsapp us on +44 7391 107474 or message us below and we'll reply within 24 hours.


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