Hi, I'm Ben, the 6'5" founder of Just Tall. I'm new in the field of entrepreneurship. I was an English teacher for 12 years but eventually got bored with teaching the same old stuff. I also got frustrated with not being able to take holidays to see my daughters when I wanted to. So, I had to call it a day and I'm now part 'The Great Resignation' - rising numbers of people resigning from their day jobs in pursuit of greater freedoms.


To me, freedom isn’t about having millions of dollars. It’s simply about being your own boss and having complete control over your time. So I thought about becoming a business owner in tall menswear. I’ve always suffered finding clothes that fit. You've heard and experienced it all before - it's just a real mission for us tall slim guys to find our fit. Jeans are just not long enough, and t-shirts either fit the chest but are too short, or are long enough but too wide. How often have you gone home empty handed after a frustrating shopping trip?


Thankfully clothes shopping is not so much of a struggle anymore for us tall slim and athletic guys. There are now quite a few specialist tall stores out there amongst the millions of big and tall stores. But I believe there still aren't enough tall clothing options, and even less tall sustainable clothing options. So I first thought about setting up a tall menswear brand in June 2021 with the aim of not only providing a great and simple tall fit, but also a focus on environmentally friendly clothing.

I always cared about sustainability and the environment. My mother taught me from an early age that even littering in the street was a big crime. I often got a slap on the wrist for being careless with litter! So sustainability and played a big part in guiding our choices for the brand - everything from ethical manufacturing, fabrics, packaging and ordering limited quantities to avoid deadstock.


It took us from June 2021 to February 2022 to set everything up. The biggest challenge was finding an ethical factory that had everything we were looking for: quality, sustainability and affordability. After 5 factories and multiple samples, we found them - a small family run factory in India. They produced our first product, the organic crew neck t-shirt, whose XL size was prototyped and tested on our founder and subsequently adjusted 5 times before bulk production.

In February 2022, Just Tall was officially born! We have great ambitions to expand the line into many styles over the coming months and years. Send us a message anytime and let us know what you'd like us to offer in the future! Thanks for reading and we hope you become a part of our community.

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